I finally graduated from film photography into the world of digital. It's kind of scary.


Arliss Nancy at the Sinking Ship, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 9, 2013. 

These dudes are my absolute favorites. They’re all amazing fellas who know how to party and always play a great show. Last night was the first time I’ve seen them play while I was completely sober (I’m still on blood thinners from my car accident), and what do you know, they’re still a great band and a great bunch of dudes. NOT SURPRISED. I had a blast hanging out with them, as usual, and it was nice to have them come play my favorite bar in Indy. Joining them Wednesday night was tourmate PJ Bond (Arliss Nancy are playing as PJ’s backing band on this tour) and local musician Grant Gilman.

Anyways, this talented bunch of hooligans just released a new record, Wild American Runners, the other day! It’s on iTunes and Spotify and available for order through the Black Numbers record label. Check it out! http://www.theblacknumbers.com/artists/arliss-nancy/

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